Engine: Other
585 MB | Downloads: 7
Overview: European style fantasy featuring Steampunk! Fullmetal tanks race around the vast earth, and an elven martial officer of great pride controls them!
Engine: Other
1480 MB | Downloads: 5
Overview: There used to be a war between Maou (king of demons) and humans. The Maou advanced on the territory of humans, but he finally lost his life...
Engine: Other
477 MB | Downloads: 5
Overview: Are you still.....a human being? The girl who adores cosplay appeared before you, but you did not know who she actually was. She was staring mutely
Engine: Other
263 MB | Downloads: 9
Overview: Watch the female executive of an evil syndicate be taken to the limits of shame! This is the story of the revenge by a man this former executive once
Engine: Other
1280 MB | Downloads: 5
Overview: To counter the declining number of childbirths, government decides to activate a plan. All schools across the country will enter contests against
Engine: Other
271 MB | Downloads: 10
Overview: A couple who had met in their high school years and married later on are having a happy and adventurous sex life. Wife works as a manager of the
Engine: Other
240 MB | Downloads: 6
Overview: A mysterious barrier has trapped two animal-eared sisters in a deep cave complex. Can they make it out of the underground maze full of noxious fog
Engine: RenPy
2980 MB | Downloads: 13
Overview: Here\'s the first version of the game. It consists of 6 days to play, not much to achieve, except few hot scenes to be unlocked by playing it right.
Engine: RPGM
1340 MB | Downloads: 12
Overview:​ Because of the Great hero Galoluise, demons are all destroyed. For a rookie teenage girl to become the Savior, everyone loved her. Life seemed
Engine: RPGM
293 MB | Downloads: 10
Overview: The long-awaited MATING SEASON is here! Enticed by the scent of hormonal women the tentacle monster has returned once again. The hunting ground this
Engine: RPGM
824 MB | Downloads: 15
Overview: Your name is Ikuta Atsushi, and you are working as a private tutor. Your sempai has been getting fried with her school and her tutoring schedule. You
Engine: Unity
38 MB | Downloads: 15
Overview: Your marriage is a mess. Luckily, after yet another fight with your wife, you meet a strange old man in the park. He offers to teach you what he
Engine: RenPy
558 MB | Downloads: 12
Overview: To others Mei appears as a pretty gloomy girl. She hides her face behind her bangs and as a result often gets made fun of because of it. She says she
Engine: RenPy
573 MB | Downloads: 11
Overview: You are a twenty-something construction worker moving out of his parent\'s house. After seeing an advertisement for someone wanting a roommate you
Engine: RPGM
435 MB | Downloads: 12
Overview: Naoto, who earns her living as an adventurer, battles in the dungeon of the so-called Ruins of Evolution... (can completed as a virgin). Short game
Engine: Other
654 MB | Downloads: 12
Overview: She found the old map at a used book store. A map to a legendary treasure hidden by the great treasure hunter Leonard Puwall... in an entirely
Engine: RenPy
1870 MB | Downloads: 62
Radiant is about you! A normal guy who shares an amazing night with the girl of his dreams: arguably the most attractive girl in town. But after being chased
Engine: Rags
529 MB | Downloads: 20
Overview:​ Miss Adventure is a game about an average woman looking into her sister\'s disappearance who finds herself thrust into the role of a super heroine,
Engine: HTML
1 MB | Downloads: 16
Overview: Invasive Species is a CYOA story where you play as the monster. You make decisions on how you will proceed, find ways to become stronger, and
Engine: RenPy
433 MB | Downloads: 15
Overview: Katawa Shoujo is a bishoujo-style visual novel set in the fictional Yamaku High School for disabled children, located somewhere in modern Japan.
Engine: Other
332 MB | Downloads: 17
Overview: Take the role of an immoral bishop and rape the pure, impregnate them and then place them on trial as witches! Your misdeeds came to light and as a
Engine: Other
399 MB | Downloads: 13
Overview: I am Tachibana Eiji, a regular transfer student. Everything was going fine at my new school, but I was in for a shock one day when I discovered the